About Us

Hi! We are Paul and Edward, founders of Unique Creative Ideas (UCI) and inventors of the SOLSOL™ hat; the first battery-free solar hat that STOPS battery drain on your cell phone and other mobile tech. Our mission is to create SOLar SOLutions for people with a need and who care.

The Sun delivers enough solar energy every hour, to power everything on the Earth for an entire year. Solar technology is getting better all the time, it’s time we take advantage and begin creating more personal applications for this clean and reliable tech. We need to go SOLAR!

Together, Edward and Paul have decades of experience in software, technology and solution products for companies ranging from top Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. They have created and successfully delivered well known brands such as Hot Wheels, He-Man & The Masters of the Universe and The Original Grip Ball. They have successfully launched numerous products and are successful entrepreneurs with an excellent and successful track record in delivering consumer products to market. The SOLSOL™ hat is the first of many products; UCI's mission is to continue to deliver safe SOLar SOLutions for the everyday person, at an affordable price.

We take pride in delivering you COMPLETELY SAFE TECHNOLOGY. Our patented proprietary power regulator, the LXTSOL™ not only allows for the charging of a large variety of mobile devices, it does so without a battery, and without electromagnetic radiation! We are the very first to do this in a hat!

In addition to creating new, fun, cool and convenient ways to charge your devices, UCI wants to promote a more eco-friendly and green lifestyle, that anyone can take part in. The SOLSOL™ hat is a major step in the solar revolution that truly puts solar power in the hands of the individual. Join the SOLSOL™ REVOLUTION and take part in reducing our carbon footprint!

Thank you for your support! - Edward and Paul