Q: How Long Does It Take the Sun To Charge SOLSOL™?

A:  There is no waiting time for SOLSOL™ to begin to charge.   First, it is not a battery.  It charges the battery already in your personal device (phone), so, SOLSOL™ can charge your device,  once the sun hits it, charging kicks in.  If you move in and out of the sun, charging will be intermittent. 


Q:  What Type of Battery Does SOLSOL™ Use?   

A:  SOLSOL™ doesn't have a battery!  That's why it's so Cool!  SOLSOL™'s proprietary LXTSOL™ Chip along with SOLSOL™'s patented solar panel allows SOLSOL™ to charge many of your other tech devices battery-free!


Q:  Does SOLSOL™ Work Without The Sun?

A:  No, SOLSOL™ harnesses solar energy through the use of high efficiency solar cells, so, it works only when there is sun light.  Rapid movement in and out of the sun will cause intermittent charging and could actually reduce your existing batter charge.  Solar energy is clean and renewable.


Q:  Does SOLSOL™ charge a battery charger ("power bank")?

A:  Yes, SOLSOL™ can charge Power Bank devices (spare battery devices), so that you can use your spare battery device to charge your other tech devices during the day or night.


Q:  How long will it take to charge my phone?

A:  This depends on your phone or device.  SOLSOL™ has a power output between 125mA - 350mA.  A regular wall outlet has an output of 1000 mA and a standard laptop has an output of 500mA.  If it takes an hour to charge your device using a wall outlet, it would take 2 hours using a laptop and  2.7 - 4.0 hours with SOLSOL™.   All these times are assuming you have a battery with 0% charge remaining.  If you have, for instance, 50% charge remaining, the time to a full charge is much less.  If you have partial battery and are using your device, you can avoid further battery loss by using your SOLSOL™ hat.  Remember, you need to be in the sun for SOLSOL™ to function properly.


Q:  Does SOLSOL™ have to be worn to charge my iPhone or android phone?

A:  No, you can place SOLSOL™ on any flat surface where there is sun light or even snap it behind your backpack or even on your car's dashboard.  Note:  heavy window tinting may prevent your SOLSOL™ hat from charging while in your car.


Q:  Does SOLSOL™ have warranty?

A:  Yes, SOLSOL™ has a 1 year manufacturer's parts warranty on our proprietary solar panel and proprietary LXTSOL™ USB out port component.  Warranty does not cover damages due to wear and tear of the cap or if you damage the solar panel.  The solar panel is NOT intended to be bent or curved.  Attempting to bend it will cause damage and void the warranty.


Q:  Is SOLSOL™ Waterproof?

A:  SOLSOL™ is water resistant.  As long as SOLSOL™ is not submerged in water or any type of liquid it will not get damaged.  It is, actually, just as water resistant as your phone  (unless you have a totally submersible phone).  And, if you are caught in the rain, you might not be using your SOLSOL™ since it requires sunlight.  Please, try not to test its resistance to water.  Please take proper care of this great product.


Q:  Do I need to clean the surface area of the SOLSOL™ Panel?

A:  It's always recommended that prior to using SOLSOL™ that you wipe the surface area of the panel with a soft dry or damp cloth in case there is some dirt, finger prints, dust or other material on the panel surface.


Q:  Does the SOLSOL™ hat come with a charging cord?

A:  You will provide your own cord so you can be assured that it is the right one for your personal device.  Just plug your cord into the USB port in the side pocket of your hat, plug into your device, get into the sun, and you're in business.