Our Programs

Want to get involved and be a part of the SOLSOL™ REVOLUTION TEAM?

Great!  Our doors are always open and we welcome you to participate and take part in the journey.  There are many different ways to join and get involved in the SOLSOL™ REVOLUTION:


Yes we wholesale!  And yes, we'd love to share and help spread the SOLSOL™ REVOLUTION sustainable message together with you.  Plus your customers will absolutely love SOLSOL™.  Complete the “DEALERSHIP APPLICATION” form and Email it back to us at  We give first and second year discounts for new stores, and include free full size display cases for our SOLSOL™ Hats (min. order required).


Got that entrepreneurial spirit?  Want to make some extra cash and help spread SOLSOL™'s sustainable message?  Earn a generous commission and major karma points by introducing SOLSOL™ to your neighborhood retailers.  

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Want to make some extra cash or score some free SOLSOL™ gear the easy way?  Don't we all.. Join our ASSOCIATES team and start sharing our social media posts.

  • How does it work:  Simple!  We'll give you a personalized discount code to share with your friends.  All you have to do is share our social media posts on your platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) w/ your code attached.  Do it as often as you like.. but the more you share, the more everyone will benefit!
  • Benefits:
    • 15% off discount code to share with your friends.  Introduce them to the SOLSOL™ REVOLUTION way with a sweet discount for their goods!
    • 10% cash commission in your “SOLSOL VCARD" every time someone uses your code.
      • What is a “SOLSOL™ VCARD?"  Simply, it is money you can spend on SOLSOL™ gear or spend anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted!
      • Commission is paid quarterly.  Can buy SOLSOL™ gear at 40% off!

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We love collaborating with artists, designers and brands of all sorts.  Have some cool artwork or ideas that you'd like to see come to fruition?  We're always looking for fresh designs to throw on our SOLSOL™ Hats.  

Shoot us an email with your ideas and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  Look forward to hearing from you!

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Become a sponsored SOLSOL™ REVOLUTION Crew member.  Athletes, musicians, artists, and sustainable crusaders are great fits.

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